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Miranda T – Trainer/Assessor/Moderator/SDF

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  • Name: Miranda T
  • Position: Specialist in Facilitation, Assessment, Moderation and Skills Development Issues

Miranda Train joined the TRAINYOUCAN network in the beginning of 2015 and mostly oversea the Pietermaritzburg and Johannesburg courses.

Her subject matter expertise involve:

  • Human Resources – over 20 years.
  • Facilitating – over 20 years.
  • Project managing each training project – over 20 years.
  • Management of own enterprises – over 20 years.
  • Agriculture  – over 20 years.
  • Hospitality – over 5 years.
  • Property  – over 20 years.
Employer/Workplace Detailed Experience
St Johns Diocesan School for Girls


The Slater Group:

Creative Productions (Pty) Ltd

John Peter Clothing

Universal Plastics

Slater Coal

Slater Property


– Confidential and private executive secretary

– Human Resources functions

– Induction of new employees

– Labour relations including  disputes, disciplinary hearings, CCMA

– Salaries and Wages

– Facilitating

– Project managing for wholesalers and retailers such as Makro, CNA, Waltons, Woolworths and export

– Coaching of learners for all new products and processes and skills

– Analysis of production processes

– Counselling all employees

– Team leaders – leadership skills

– Supervisor training

-Safety implementation and training


Miranda Train – TRAINING





Assessment College of SA

Alvin Moss and Associates

Skills Talk

Cheryl Carter and Associates






Polaris Shipping

PG Bison







UVET Colleges Nationally

Preformed Lined Products

Durban Overalls

Social Responsibility:

Zimele Developing Community Self-Reliance

Market Photo Workshop

Leading Edge Training

Individual learners



– Administration: E-mail, internet operation, Skype, XL, Powerpoint, accounting, invoicing, SARS requirements, VAT

– Planning new business project and training contracts or projects

– Planning all training interventions

– Counselling learners

– Receptionist training

– Secretarial training

– Report writing

– Business writing skills

– Chairing of meetings

– The Business – how to run a micro enterprise

– Supervisor training

– Customer care

– Presentation skills

– 115753 Conduct outcomes-based assessment

– 115759 Conduct moderation of outcomes-based assessments

– 117871 Facilitate learning using a variety of given methodologies

– SDF: 15217/15221/1522/15227/


– 114592 Produce business plans for a new venture

– 120372 Explain fundamentals of project management

– U/S Still to be listed





–  23654 Management NQF 3


– Makro Wholesale and Retail Learnership

– Including maths, writing, communication, problem solving and all fundamentals





Farming – concurrent – Administration

– Human resources function

– Labour issues including disputes, disciplinary hearings, CCMA

– Skills training and co-ordination of external training providers

– Planning new business projects

– HIV/AIDS training and counselling

– Encouraging agriculture

Hospitality – concurrent – Taking bookings for accommodation or tours

– Designing tours including costings

– Project managing and co-ordinating tours

– Training for rural accommodation

– Planning new business projects

– First aid qualification



– Administer properties

– Collect rents

– Property maintenance

– Meetings and interviewing tenants

Community work and training – Assisting Co-operatives

– New venture creation

– Business plans and tenders

– Accessing resources

– Starting a business and sustaining the business

– Understanding primary agriculture

– Understanding basic agricultural systems and production systems

– Work ethics and business etiquette

– Basic finance and understanding money

– Gender equality: understanding, awareness and implementing

– Women’s empowerment and promoting change

– Working as a team to build community cohesion

– Building community relations

– Describing and understanding community dynamics

– Project managing community activities and joint ventures

– Dangers of alcohol and drugs and substances

– Knowing self in order to lead effectively and make life decisions

– Conduct and participate in meetings

– Healthy living including HIV/AIDS awareness, personal health and fitness

– Project managing and facilitating in rural areas

– Fundamentals including operating a computer