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Francko B – Accounts and eLearning Administration

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  • Name: Francko B
  • Tel. 0867227014
  • Cell. 0825507946
  • Position: Group Accountant, eLearning Administrator & Server Technical Administrator

Francko B joined the TRAINYOUCAN Group in January 2011 as the group accountant overlooking all bookings, accounts and event coordination and in the intern also taken over our online elearning and dedicated server administration.

Previously he administered the accounts of a private bakery and a school in Gauteng and decided to join the mad heat rush of Durban to be closer to the sea.

In most cases will Francko be your fist contact with our company as he handles all enrollment forms. He responsibilities also include SMS notifications. (bookings and events reminders)

Workplace Experience Summary:



Employer Detail Your Certified Field
Metric Secunda High School 2003 Education
Couriers Manager 2005 ·         General Management

·         Stock Control

·         Customer Control

·         Inventory Control

Academy Monitor 2006 ·         General Administration

·         Education

·         Training

Academy Bookkeeper


·         Creditors

·         Debtors

·         UIF

·         SARS- Vat 201 returns

·         Bank reconciliation

·         Payroll

·         Cash ups & Cash Control

·         Computer- Email, Internet

·         Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Publisher

·         Customer service

·         Queries from parents

·         Student Records

·         IT Support, Installation & Repairs

·         Staff Control

Bakery Bookkeeper 2009 ·         Creditors

·         Debtors

·         UIF

·         SARS- Vat 201 returns

·         Bank reconciliation

·         Payroll

·         Cash ups & Cash Control

·         Computer- Email, Internet

·         Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Publisher

·         Supplier Control

·         External client queries

PRIVATE/ PART TIME Landscaping & Design Since 2007 – Ability to guide a teams through installations.

– Drafting experience & presentation of plans

– Experience in 3D Designs

– Knowledge of plants

– Supervising Skills

– Collect information to analyse and evaluate existing or proposed systems

– Works closely with Business and business analysts to translate business requirements into a solution design specification

– Ensure design methodologies are in line with standards and procedures required by the organisation

– Ensure that design is optimised for use on the organisations infrastructure

– Liaise with developers and business analyst to ensure that specifications are understood

– Responsible for component level design, interface design, architectural and data design

– Liaise with the Group Architects on matters of architectural application

– Analyse and evaluate present or proposed business procedures or problems to define data processing needs

– Ensure synergy between systems design and the business processes

– Responsible for storing and maintaining delivered analysis and design documentation in central knowledge repository

– Identification and ongoing management of potential risks / issues and architectural decisions

– Provide programmes and project owners input on risk that may affect delivery.

Trainyoucan Accountant 2010 to date ·         Creditors

·         Debtors

·         UIF

·         SARS- Vat 201 returns

·         Bank reconciliation

·         Payroll

·         Cash ups & Cash Control Computer- Email, Internet

·         Microsoft Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook & Publisher

·         Reception & telephone

·         Staff Control & discipline

·         Workshops assistance with Training Courses, such as:

o        Train the Trainer

o        Assessor

o        Financial for NON-Financials

o        Accounting Principals

o        Skills development Facilitator

My Simple Website Server & PC Support & Installation 2010 to date ·         Website design

·         Graphic Design

·         Helpdesk Support

·         Elearning Support

·         ASP + PHP Coding

External SDF TRAINYOUCAN 2013 to date ·         Facilitate the development of employees in the organisation.

·         Evaluate the skills development needs of the employees and organisation.

·         Advise the employees and the employer on external and internal skills strategies as well as the progress of the skills development of the organisation.

·         Act as SDF administration and check all SETA documentation before submitting.

·         Advise the organisation on the quality assurance requirements of the relevant SETA.

·         Bring the company policies in line with the regulations as laid down by the Skills Development Act.

·         Assist in the creation of a performance management system for the organisation where no performance management system exists.

·         Generate the key performance areas relevant to training and development for the performance management system.

·         Complete an individual development pathway for all employees, as well as the skills requirement and learning pathway.

·         Create a portfolio of evidence for all employees that will receive training in the company.

·         Complete the workplace skills plan, interim training reports and annual training reports and submit it to the correct SETA, before the deadline.

·         Formalise the qualifications of employees through recognition of prior learning.

·         Train employed staff in order to claim the skills development levies from the SETA

·         Claim their skills development levies from their SETA and claim the Tax rebates as stipulated for Learnerships.


TRAINYOUCAN 2012 to date ·         Assisting learning with their Portfolio’s during public workshops.

·         Telephone support to learners.

·         Assessing of POE’s.

·         Registered Assessor since 2012.

TRAINYOUCAN 2012 to date ·         Preparation of facilitation for a range courses as part of a self development plan and backup facilitator for the group in the following area’s:

·         Part –time facilitator.


-Train the Trainer

-Conduct Assessment

-Project Management NQF 3

-Project Management NQF 4

– Assertiveness

-Customer Service

-Coaching and Mentoring

-Conducting Meetings

-Communication Skills

-Customer Driven

-Effective Communication

-Event Management

-Finance for NON-Financial

-Learning Programme Design

-Leadership & Delegation

-Presentation Skills

-Project Management

-Supervisor & Junior Man.

-Supervisor Key Skills

-Time Management

TRAINYOUCAN 2014 to date ·         OBE Programme Design


Designing of short course and OBE programmes.


–          New Business Venture Training – ETDP

–          Project Management Training NQF 5 – ETDP