TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network 12411

We provides both NQF accredited courses and customised learning solutions to organisations and individuals, looking to maximise their investment in developing themselves. Leaders in courses such as Train the Trainer also known as Facilitator, Assessor, Moderator and SDF Training Courses or Skills Development Facilitator Training, Project Management and Disciplinary Hearing courses. TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network In order to ensure that the overall quality of learning and assessment in South Africa is maintained at a consistently high level, the South African Qualifications Authority (SAQA) requires that all corporate learning departments…

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Oral Contributions to Tutorials and Seminars

The following criteria are applied when assessing general oral contributions to classes: -Coherence: clear and audible speech; development of argument in clear steps; consideration of possible counter-arguments.   -Relevance: focus on the points at issue, avoiding wandering from the subject at hand; use of pertinent examples.   -Conciseness: making points with appropriate brevity.   -Awareness of others: a good oral contributor does not dominate proceedings, but contributes to the generation of discussion between the various members of the class.   -Maintenance of interest: enthusiasm for subject; appropriate level of detail;…

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