Asking Questions to Gain, Clarify and Check Information

Phrases to check understanding and clarify meanings are probably the most important of all kinds of functional language for second language learners, particularly for: – Classroom communication – Speaking exams (for checking the meaning of the question before answering it) – Telephoning and teleconferencing – Giving and receiving instructions (e.g. giving directions) – Clearing up the inevitable misunderstandings of L2 communication Suitable phrases can be broadly divided into ones which are to help the other person understand and ones which are to seek (more) help understanding. These can be further…

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Questions you should ask?

We often have questions regarding Accreditation: What does it really mean? How can I confirm that someone or something is accredited? This falls into two different categories, namely a) provider accreditation  b) programme accreditation. These are two totally different processes, meaning that a Training Provider must be Accredited with one of the ETQA’s (SETA’s) and each programme they use must carry its own accreditation. “Provider accreditation can only be with one SETA, but they have the approval to train different programmes in different SETA’s. These programmes has been approved by…

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