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As part of our barest minimum standard and as can be attested by our previous and existing clients, are we fully compliant with all the requirements of the NQF act. We very clear in what we offer and do not get involved in any fraudulent or misleading advertising. TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network TRAINYOUCAN is an accredited training provider through the ETDP SETA that manage all its bookings through the booking site www.coursesdirect.co.za. TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network ETDP, SETA, Accredited, Training provider, durban venue hire, trainer, assessor, moderator, sdf…

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Speaking to a group as an audience is a long-established method of teaching and demonstrating. It is particularly useful when conveying information or giving an explanation that people need to hear. In working with groups, it has tended to be discarded as an inappropriate method of engaging people and working with them. However, it does have a place in the facilitator’s repertoire of techniques. Each of the Resource Packs has extensive topic notes, overhead transparencies, and handouts that can be used to support presentations. Method It is more appropriate to…

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