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Please take note of this important regarding all private Further and Higher Education and Training Providers that must register with the Department of Higher Education and Training (DHET).

DHET new requirement, according to CHIETA update on their website.

DHET is following a developmental approach and that the officials are ready and waiting for providers to contact them should you need assistance with the registration process. See below for the contact details.

The registration documents needed to have been submitted to DHET by 30 June 2017, however it was advised that you can continue operating as a provider in the meantime; however you must urgently submit your Application for Registration.

In summary, the following information is required for registration, and you will need to ensure that you dedicate time to completing the documents together with the required evidence.


1 Your company’s Audited Annual Financial Statements (Special dispensation at this point has been granted by DHET for small companies not registered with IRBA or audited. Ministry has granted relief at this point and they must submit a reviewed statement from an Accountant.
2 Three Year Financial Forecasts (based on your Business Plan)
3 Business Plan (Still a requirement, however the Ministry has granted some temporary relief in terms of certain aspects in this regard.)
4 Surety (the Ministry has granted some temporary relief in this regard. No Surety required for providers who charge a training fee, etc)
5 Company Registration documents Company defined as per Companies Act: Ltd Companies or PTY Ltd or SOC or NPC or CC
6 OHS Report (See DHET guidelines in the document entitled APX-01)
7 SARS Tax Clearance Certificate (current)
8 Your company’s Accreditation Report from the relevant SETA.
9 Student Prospectus (this can be the learnership document from the SAQA website or the Unit standards document or the qualifications document)
10 Student Enrolment Form (this can be a blank copy of the official learnership/qualification/unit standard enrolment form).

You can direct all queries to DHET to Monica Motloi and Ms Molly Kutumela. Their contact details are as follows:

  • Tel: 012 312 5021
  • Tel: 012 312 5667