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Free stuff from TRAINYOUCAN

TRAINYOUCAN SETA Accredited Training Network is a private training provider approved by the ETDP SETA and provides both NQF accredited courses and customised learning solutions to organisations and individuals who aims at maximising their investment in developing themselves.

We strive for 100% SETA compliance. No short cuts or under the table scams!

Over the years we have developed partnerships allowing us to offer a variety of FREE services to our members, namely:

  1. FREE registration for all courses.
  2. FREE call-back for support/information on our services.
  3. FREE support from our manned helpdesk.
  4. FREE support on our dedicated WhatsApp Chat 0825507946 to members.
  5. FREE member’s forum with over 17800 discussion and model answers on assignments.
  6. FREE mobile app from Google Play Store to access our forum to members.
  7. FREE support to members, even after completion of courses.
  8. FREE workshops in Durban for new members on accreditation queries.
  9. FREE webinars for distance learners on accreditation queries.
  10. FREE POE building workshops for struggling students in Durban.
  11. FREE SETA registration support and resources for Assessors and Moderators who completed the course with us.
  12. FREE listing of resources for freelance Trainers, Assessors and Moderators.
  13. FREE professional advice on programme purchases and contacts.
  14. FREE referrals on resources such at Training Provider accreditation.
  15. FREE templates and resources on various HR and Training subjects.
  16. FREE electronic notifications on our automated helpdesk system via email and text messages.
  17. FREE Education and Training alerts and updates.
  18. FREE Education and Training scam alerts and advice.
  19. FREE certificate and SOR reprints.
  20. FREE access to our learnership tracking tool.
  21. FREE re-assessments on all our courses.
  22. FREE moderation templates to members.
  23. Up to 20% discount on future bookings based on forum contributions.