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The QCTO – Quality Council for Trades and Occupations is a Quality Council established in terms of the Skills Development Act.  It’s role is to oversee the design, implementation, assessment and certification of occupational qualifications on the Occupational Qualifications Sub-Framework (OQSF).

TRAINYOUCAN specialise in training individuals in courses such as Train the Trainer, Assessor and Moderators, ODETDP Qualification and also assist with SETA registrations to individuals who completed the courses with us.

We also assist with related services through our preferred network partners, such as:

Accreditation Queries
  •   The Eastern Cape
      The Free State
      The Northern Cape
      North West
  •   I do not have accredited trainers
      I do not have accredited assessors
      I do not have accredited moderators
      I do not have accredited programmes and need help
      Need help to become SETA accredited training provider
      Need help to become QCTO accredited training provider
      Need help to register with DHET as a Private Training Provider
      I want to purchase off the shelf SETA material
      I want to purchase off the shelf short courses
      I need someone to develop something for me
      CETA (Construction SETA)
      CHIETA (Chemical Industries SETA)
      CATHSETA (Culture Arts. Tourism. Hospitality and Sports SETA)
      ESETA (Energy and Water SETA)
      ETDPSETA (Education Training and Development Practices SETA)
      FPMSETA (Fibre. Processing & Manufacturing SETA)
      FOODBEV (Food and Beverage Manufacturing Industry SETA)
      FASSET SETA (Financial and Accounting Services SETA)
      HWSETA (Health and Welfare SETA)
      INSETA (Insurance SETA)
      LGSETA (Local Government SETA)
      MERSETA (Media. Advertising. Information and Communication Technologies SETA)
      MICTSETA (Manufacturing. Engineering and Related Services SETA)
      MQSETA (Mining Qualifications Authority SETA)
      PSETA (Public Service SETA)
      SASSETA (Safety and Security SETA)
      TETA (Transport SETA)
      W&RSETA (Wholesale and Retail SETA)